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RC Kitten Wet Pouches


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At Royal Canin we put the animal first in everything we do.

Every decision we make is based on years of study in our own centre and on partnerships with veterinary schools, universities and breeders.

The aim is always the same, to provide precise nutritional solutions to meet the need of your pet.

Those needs can be very different and one food does not suit all.

Age, breed, size and lifestyle are all taken into account.

We were the first to meet the different needs of small, medium and large breeds, and to develop breed specific foods.

Nutrient preference: Kitten Instinctive 12 has been perfectly formulated to match the optimal Macro Nutrient Profile instinctively preferred by 2nd age kittens.

Easy chewing: Thin slices in gravy.

Natural defences: Helps support natural defences.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor kittens from 4 months - 1 year.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 82 x 41 x 15cm