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Aftercut 3 Day Green 100m



Visibly see results in just 3 days with after cut 3 day green. It is the fastest way to grow a greener, stronger and healthier lawn. Packed with Iron and magnesium which provides you deep green colours that every gardener wants. Working its way in to feed all parts of your lawn, promoting tilllering, meaning that you will be rewarded with a dense, thicker stronger lawn that all gardeners want.
It’s as simple as adding to the lawn as it requires no watering and no maintenance. All you have to do is evenly distribute in a thin manor across your entire lawn approximately 35 grams per square meter. You can do this either by hand or applied by a wheeled spreader. Regular application will further benefit your lawn, creating a thicker hard wearing lawn, capable of supressing weeds and moss.
If you have young children or pets in your family then have no fear, as Aftercut 3 day green is child and pet friendly so you don’t have to put off having the lawn you dream of. Our top tips for the best results are: Apply when your grass is dry and your soil is moist. Do not apply when the ground is freezing or when frost is expected. Finally do not exceed the recommended dose as over feeding can counteract and starve your lawn of what it needs to do.
For a dense healthy lawn with an easy application then after cut 3 day green is the premium choice for your garden.