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KS Geared Bypass Loppers



Handcrafted, precision cutting Geared Bypass Loppers

Loppers are ideal for larger stems or branches that are out of normal reach or too large to cut with secateurs, therefore requiring two hands.

Bypass action loppers have two sharpened blades that pass over each other to make a precise, clean and healthy cut. Ideal for rose bushes, shrubs and the general pruning of green, live wood.


The geared mechanism gives maximum leverage with minimal effort, increasing cutting power to up to 50%
Premium ground carbon steel, non-stick blades for a smoother cut
Aluminium, lightweight handles with non-slip comfort grip

Suitable for cutting delicate stems, as the bypass action is less likely to cause bruising and damage the stem
Ideal for all pruning tasks
Bypass loppers are not ideal for dead, mature wood as this will blunt the blades