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Resolva Xtra Tough 3L



The Resolva Xtra Tough range is specially designed for killing those tough and stubborn weeds, and also tree stumps, all of which gardeners can sometimes struggle to control effectively. As they are based on the ingredient glyphosate, the products all have strong and highly effective systemic action to kill the weed and the root.

Super strength weedkillers for clearing even the toughest weeds.
Systemic action for deep-rooted control of the toughest weed problems.
Range includes a variety of formulations suitable for different applications.
The Resolva Xtra Tough Weed and Tree Stump killer range includes products for control of: Tree stumps, annual and deep-rooted perennial grass and broad leaved garden weeds including bindweed, bracken, bramble, broad leaved dock, common couch, cleavers, colt’s foot, chickweed, common nettle, common thistle, creeping buttercup, curled dock, dandelion, ground elder, perennial sow thistle, plantains, red clover, scotch thistle, sheep’s sorrel, spear thistle, speedwell, white clover, white dead nettle, willowherb, yarrow and many others.