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Applaws Chicken Multipack 12 x 70g



APPLAWS M PACK CAT CHICKEN DELUXE, Applaws Chicken Deluxe is a tasty array of complementary adult cat food recipes, made with no more than four completely natural ingredients each.

Made with only select cuts of organically fed, hormone free chicken breast, cooked in its own savoury stock with either delicious cheese, scrummy pumpkin, or wholesome rice, each recipe is completely free of animal derivatives and artificial additives of any kind.

Comprising tender Chicken Breast, Chicken Breast with Ham, Chicken Breast with Cheese, and Chicken Breast with Pumpkin recipes, Applaws Natural Cat Food is the perfect way to treat your feline friend every day.

Ingredients: 4 x Chicken Breast with Wild Rice (Chicken Breast 75%, Chicken Broth, Wild Rice 2%) 4x Chicken with Pumpkin (Chicken Breast 50%, Pumpkin 25%, Chicken Broth, Rice) 4x Chicken with Asparagus (Chicken Breast 70%, Chicken Broth, Asparagus 5%, Rice).