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IAMS Chicken 3kg



Iams Cat Food-rich in Chicken

A complete and balanced maintenance cat food for adult cats.

[1+] years

Specific product benefits:

* best fibre source promoting a healthy gut and small stool volume
* helps maintain urinary tract health
* healthy skin and coat; contains a balance of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids
* excellent nutrient absorption for optimal use of all ingredients


% Per Kg

Protein 32.5

Oil and fats 21.5

Ash 5.9

Fibre 1.80

Moisture 8.0

Calcium 1.00

Phosphorus P 0.93

Magnesium 0.095

Vitamin A 8100 IU

Vitamin D3 1250 IU

Vitamin E 70 mg

Copper 30 mg

Energy * 18.8MJ/kg
* Utilisable energy per kg of food

No colorants, flavourings or preservatives added.
Iams Cat Food rich in Chicken is a complete and balanced food and does not require any supplementation.

Ingredients Iams Chicken:

Chicken (>26%), maize, wheat, animal fat, poultry meal, fish meal, poultry digest, dried whole egg,
dried beet pulp, potassium chloride, brewer's dried yeast, DL-methionine, sodium chloride.