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Multi Purpose Grass Seed 10m + 5m FREE



Coated for improved germination & quicker seedling establishment
Hard wearing lawn seed
Creates a lush green durable lawn
Ideal for establishing new lawns & over-seeding existing lawns

Whether you want to create a new lawn, over-seed worn grass or fill in bare patches surestart Multi Purpose Lawn Seed will start to produce a great looking lawn in just 10 days. Grass will start to appear from 5 days onwards under optimal conditions.
Surestart is a micro-nutrient coating which significantly improves germination and aids quicker seedling establishment. Organic compounds attract and retain moisture around the seed, plant hormones stimulate growth and micro nutrients aid strong healthy rooting and rapid establishment. The larger, heavier seed gets right down to the soil surface for improved germination and the coating also acts as excellent bird deterrent.

*Uses: Can be used for new lawns or repair of existing lawns producing a hardwearing lawn ideal for family use

*Sow: In Spring from March-May or in Autumn from mid September to mid October

*Application Rate: 33g/m2 for new lawns and 25g/m2 when renovating old lawns