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JWB 10kg Grain Free Lamb



James Wellbeloved Adult Grain-Free - Lamb & Vegetables is enriched with a blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which help to keep your pet's coat healthy and shiny. This delicious grain-free kibble is hypo-allergenic and suitable for dogs which suffer with food allergies or sensitive digestions. It is made using lamb meat as the only source of animal protein and also contains JW+, a mix of chondroitin, glucosamine and herbs, which help to keep joints healthy and in condition. This complete dry dog food does not contain many of the common causes of adverse food reaction. It is made without beef, pork, wheat or wheat gluten and contains no dairy and egg products.
James Wellbeloved Adult Grain-Free - Lamb & Vegetables is a complete balanced kibble, made with healthy ingredients to provide your pet with nutritional goodness:

Lamb: Easy to digest, kind to the stomach, it is an effective hypo-allergenic meat protein source
Potato: A source of non-animal protein. It also helps to balance the amino acids in meat / fish proteins
Whole linseed: Rich in omega fatty acids which help to keep your pet's coat soft and glossy
Sugar Beet: A natural source of dietary fibre, beneficial for intestinal health
Alfalfa: A good source of natural beta-carotene antioxidant, it also provides essential trace minerals
Carrot A tasty source of natural fibre
Natural seaweed: Rich in iodine and valuable trace elements, it also contains natural gums which can help aid the digestive process
Chicory Extract Rich in inulin which helps to maintain a healthy gut flora.
Yucca Extract: Reduces stool odour
Hypo-allergenic: Only one source of animal protein.
Excludes the most common causes of adverse food reactions. No beef, pork, soya, wheat, wheat gluten, dairy or eggs
Free from: Artificial preservatives, colours or taste enhancers, no bulking ingredients
Made in UK